Alexandria Paranormal Investigations ;

Alexandria Paranormal Investigations is a paranormal research group based in Alexandria Virginia. We offer our services to communities in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, West Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware and Pennsylvania

A.P.I. is a serious paranormal research group formed to help communities with hauntings and other unexplained phenomena. Our group consists of professional men and women who take a scientific approach to helping people that are experiencing things they may not understand. We will investigate and give you answers. We never charge for our services, we are a nonprofit group. Most paranormal events can be explained and we have the experience to resolve them.   
 For more info and to get help with a haunting call Michael Robishaw (Founder) 703-795-3935 or Sara Robishaw (Case Manager) 571-970- 8325 or contact us thru this website. All our team members have had F.B.I. criminal background checks and 3 are department of criminal justice system registered as electronic security technicians in the states of Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Washington DC.


Alexandria Paranormal Investigations

Michael RobishawMichael Robishaw

Founder of

Alexandria Paranormal Investigations

Spiritual healer, Native American Shaman