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Waverly Hills Sanatorium

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The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a closed sanatorium located in southwestern Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky. It opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital to accommodate 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients. In the early 1900s, Jefferson County was ravaged by an outbreak of tuberculosis (the "White Plague") which prompted the construction of a new hospital. The hospital closed in 1962, due to the antibiotic drug streptomycin that lowered the need for such a hospital.

Looking back into the history of Waverly Hills, during the 1800s it was initially a residential area. Since Louisville can be found in a place that is very near water, there were many cases of people suffering from tuberculosis and this was aggravated by the high number of people living there. In 1910, a small building which had two floors was built in Waverly Hills. This building was intended for people who had tuberculosis since Louisville needed a hospital for the mounting tuberculosis cases in the area. In 1910, a wooden two-story hospital was built on the site, which was the highest elevated hill in southern Jefferson County.

But with tuberculosis rampant in the area, the building wasn’t big enough to house all of the patients. And so a new building was constructed in 1924, and the new Waverly Hospital opened in 1926. Thousands of people died at Waverly before streptomycin was discovered in 1943–some estimates are as high as 64,000. Ten thousand died during Waverly’s first three years alone. But by the 1950’s, tuberculosis was nearly eradicated thanks to the antibiotic. As a result, the need for such a huge facility to handle tuberculosis patients was no longer needed, and the hospital closed in 1961. It reopened a year later as the Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanitarium, where tales of patient mistreatment and unusual experiments were rife.

The Nurse’s Station is, perhaps, the most notorious and frightening room of all. Supposedly people have jumped to their deaths from this room. Others have seen spectral images floating in the windows and heard disembodied voices say: “Get out!” One story says that in 1928, the head nurse was found dead in the room. She had hanged herself from the light fixture. No one knows why the 29-year-old woman would take her own life, but it’s believed that she was unmarried and pregnant. It is unknown how long her body hung before she was finally discovered. The county coroner’s office attributed her death to suicide.

 In 1932, another nurse who worked in room 502 supposedly committed suicide when she jumped from the balcony of the roof. No one knows why. In addition to hearing voices on this floor, witnesses have seen the full body apparition of a female nurse in white and have reported that room 502 gives them an “unsettling” feeling of great despair.

What is the "Body Chute"? Some people today call it a Body Slide, Body Chute, and even The Death Tunnel, where the dead were transported down and collected at the bottom. A group of Waverly medical staff would collect the bodies and take them off the hill to be cremated or buried. The biggest misconception is that it is a slide. It really isn't a slide at all. If you look closly (above pic) you can see where that saying came from.

The "Underground Tunnel" used a rail car system and steps that connect to the 1st floor of the main building and the basement of the original hospital. It stretched 525 feet underground to the bottom of the hill where the dead were collected by the family or cremated. Only about 425 feet remain of the tunnel. The original usage for this tunnel is that it was a warm way to come up the hill in the winter and a very efficient way to bring up supplies and coal to the buildings. As time tells us the tunnel was used to process the corpses off the hill in a way that the patients would not see the dead taken away in hearses. Directors of the sanatorium decided this was the best way to keep morale up. For fear of the 2 World War coming to U.S. soil, the tunnel could also be used as an air raid shelter with enough room to fit everyone from all buildings inside safely.

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