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Founder Michael Robishaw started Alexandria Paranormal Investigations (API) the logical extension of his lifelong paranormal experiences and fascination with the unexplained. Since then, his northern Virginia team has handled hundreds of private residence cases and explored some of the most active locations in the US, including Waverly Hills (where they had a memorable encounter with the infamous Creeper, the Victorian Mansion, Eastern State Penitentiary, and Oaklands Mansion in Laurel, MD. According to Michael, API uses many different types of scientific equipment on our investigations to collect the best evidence possible. We also use our own common sense and own personal experiences. Having an empathic psychic on our team allows us to have direct communication with spirits or ghosts we find during our investigations.Ě Michaels daughter, Sara (Robishaw) Christopher, can sense the presence of spirits and can recognize whether a haunting is residual or intelligent. As an empath, she can read the emotions of others around her, including ghosts. As Founder/Lead Investigator, Michael manages the equipment and supervises the technical staff. He also handles most client interactions and does the bulk of evidence review. Other active members of the API team include William Van Horn III, Mike Rogstad, Shawn Davila, Gary Darr, Mike Cosgrove, Phil Bloxam, Eric Smith, Steve Muskett, and Colin Geraghty. Although Michael has had paranormal encounters throughout his life, he describes himself as a sensitive,Ě rather than a true psychic. His experience and expertise in audio and video electronics, including security and surveillance as well as wireless technology, ensures that he stays well grounded in science during investigations and evidence review.

Michael Robishaw, Founder of  Alexandria Paranormal Investigations Spiritual healer, Native American Shaman

Michael Robishaw

Evil is very real. It lurks at the corners of our existence like a cunning predator, waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. It has no conscience. It will attack young mothers with small children, people who are down on their luck and those with perpetual illnesses. In fact, those are its chosen prey. It will take them down with bone-crunching glee as it devours their very souls. For several decades, one man has been battling the darkness. Armed with a legion of archangels and spirit guides, he has been silently fighting a deadly army, bringing peace and salvation to hundreds of weary souls. Until now, his story has remained a secret. This is the story of Shaman Michael Robishaw. Ruin of Souls takes you deep into the heart of the terror with 13 true paranormal encounters that will leave you chilled to the bone. If this book doesn't frighten you, nothing will.  See More Here

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